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Man’s endless quest for better living has driven modern innovators to come up with ingenious ways to re-design and re-invent existing gadgets. Computers as well as mobile phones have evolved tremendously throughout the years. Even gadget accessories mainly used for embellishment have gained extra functionality.

The mobile phone industry has continued to flourish over the years, with new business ventures constantly popping up with new product developments. In this environment of constant innovation, what will be next?

The Powermat 3X is one vision of this brave new future. This ingenious device that allows you to charge your phone by simply placing it on a mat is manufactured by Powermat Technologies Ltd. (previously known as PowerMat Ltd.), pioneers of wireless power. Powermat have collaborated with various industry leaders to develop products that will bring people closer to a wirelessly connected world.

The company’s hard work seems to have paid off. Powermat 3X bagged the top spot in the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award and is continuously making a name for itself. With the on-going development in this popular technology, many industry rivals developed their own version of wireless chargers but so far haven’t succeeded in outperforming the original.

The device looks like a simple gray mat. It is compatible with most major smartphones on the market. They also offer skins, sleeves and battery doors for mobile phones as well as cases for Nintendo DS and DSI. However, some less popular cellphone brands have proved to be incompatible with this device; to over come this they introduced an add-on to the Powermat 3x called the “Powercube” with specialized tips (including mini & micro USB, an Apple connector and a Sony PSP tip).

Powermat 3X is divided into three charging sections able to accommodate a maximum of three devices all at once. With an 18-watt maximum power output, each section has the capacity to fully charge each device.

This wireless charger was able to pass light stress and fall tests, proving its durability. Its firm and compact design makes it a travel must-have, especially as it eliminates the need for bringing separate chargers for every gadget.

Aside from developing this revolutionary product, the company also established a good customer support program. Customer service representatives are available 24/7 and can be contacted by email or telephone.

With its top-notch features in durability and flexibility, along with its impressive customer service, the Powermat 3X & Powercube Bundle is the answer to everyone’s charging needs.

About the Author:

Allie Cooper is a young upcoming writer, a certified gamer known for weaving in her indelible wit into tech and game reviews, and writes aboutO2, tech companies, from UK and internet start-ups to bigger businesses.

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A young upcoming writer known for weaving in her indelible wit into tech and game reviews, tech companies, from UK and internet start-ups to bigger businesses. Other than her passion for writing, she is also a certified gamer and an avid fan of YouTube stars Kripparrian and Athene.


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