StyleTap’s Palm OS now available for Android devices

keeping old habits is not a bad thing

Acquiring new habits is good as it equates to improvement, but keeping old habits is not a bad thing either, especially if you just grew up with it.

Similar to electronic gadgets, the smart phones we have now on the market is truly outstanding. However, some users still have a knack for old devices such as their Palm device. With this in mind, StyleTap offers to bring back the functionality of your old Palm OS to your Android device.

Introducing the Palm OS for Android Devices
The concept may be retrograde, but it gives you a break from being too futuristic. The software, then, allows you to go back to the good old but dependable Palm OS. Although HP acquired Palm OS and turned it into webOS, the latter has never been recognized as much as its forerunner.

The StyleTap Palm OS emulator was developed into a better version in July of this year. So far, it is available for Android devices, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. For Apple users, you have to jailbreak your device first to install this OS.

If interested, you can test the software first by availing the free 14-day trial. You can continue with a full license by purchasing it for $49.95.

Palm OS Features: The Pros and the Cons
Aside from reminiscing the glory days of the Palm with its classic Bejeweled or its infamous writer Access’ Graffiti, the StyleTap Palm OS emulator is intended for businesses or institutions which are still using specialized apps on Palm OS. Now, they can integrate the outdated software to an updated Android device.

But for everyday users, paying almost $50 for the emulator is too expensive just because of nostalgia. You might as well avail a Palm repair service instead and still pay much cheaper than that.

Reviving your old Palm device
Smart phones can definitely do anything for you, but an extra tool won’t hurt. By having your old Palm checked or repaired, you can use your Palm as an extra media player, gaming device, e-book reader and even extra memory storage or backup.

The memory storage of your old Palm device runs on an SD or MicroSD card, which can accommodate music, video and other file types. It uses Kinoma Player to playback multimedia files and MobiPocket Reader for e-books in EPUB and Mobi formats.

As a game console, your Palm device can give you access to ordinary quick gamesyou’re your entertainment. You can also use your Palm as a backup storage for your contacts, which you can also synchronize with your computer for easier data transfer to all your other devices.

So what will it be, the StyleTap Palm OS emulator on your Android device or have your old Palm device restored instead? Tell us! Post your views on your comment below.


This post was made possible by Jade Grimstone with the help of Aj Aviado of Fix-iPhones


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    K.I. Matthews, September 11, 2012
    A couple of years ago, I bought a couple of surplus Palm V's from our IT GeekSale and three Palm Pre72's from another shop. My wife and I use them as backup game machines and e-readers for travel. I can't see possibly trashing my phone or tablet to run Palm on them and I certainly can't see myself spending $50 to do it. Pass thanks.


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